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Do you require a property valuation in Sydney? Look no further, as we have been providing expert Sydney property valuation advice since 1997. We offer a wide range of valuation services such as Residential, Commercial/Industrial, Rental, and Rural valuations, along with many more. The longevity of our business is testament to our work ethic and experience in the industry. We cater for all your property valuation needs and are fully qualified, registered property valuers accredited under the Australian Property Institute (API).

Sydney Property Valuers Metro has established itself as one of the best property valuation firms in Sydney based on a number of fundamental principles we adhere to. These principles include honesty, integrity, offering a wide range of valuation services, only employing the best and most experienced valuers, competitive fees, a vast information and resource network, great CSR initiatives, and an amazing work environment for employees.

We offer a wide range of services, including property valuation in cases where there is a family matter in court and the property in question needs to be valued. We also offer property valuation Sydney services in relation to the determination of capital gains tax as well as when a client is looking to purchase property, among many others. Our property valuation Sydney services will provide you with an accurate value of the subject property, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Sydney Property Valuers Metro is considered the pioneer of offering property valuations for accounting purposes such as for audit or internal accounting. We also undertake mortgage security related property valuation for banks and other financial institutions. Both government authorities and private clients in Sydney also seek our compensation related property valuation services.

Our fees are competitive when compared to the amount of money that other property valuers Sydney charge. If you would like to receive a quote, please see our Instant Quote tab on our website, and fill in your details there. You will be able to get a quotation for the service you want within a short period of time. For any general inquiries on other services we offer, or any specific property valuation service you may require, you can go to the contact us menu bar and fill the contact us form found there. You can also call us directly at (02) 8599 9840 and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way.

Why do you need a property valuation?

A property valuation report provides an accurate, fair market value of the subject property, and the equity it holds. Understanding the property’s worth is essential for informing decisions and can help reduce risk.

A property valuation is a legally certified document, adhering to legislative requirements for various official purposes. Only certified valuers can provide comprehensive, sworn property valuation reports that remain completely independent and free from any kind of bias.

Whatever the individual circumstances, having an independent property valuation firm provide your valuation report ensures you have all information you need regarding the property, supported by in depth market research and facts.

Why get a property valuation over a real estate appraisal?

An independent property valuation is conducted by a certified valuer who will comprehensively research and provide a legal valuation report without any kind of agenda.

On the other hand, real estate appraisals are often biased and can only offer an estimated price based on what is believed the property can sell for. As such, real estate appraisals should only ever be used as an approximation at best and do not hold any legal standing.

A property valuation is a certified document with an accurate representation of the property’s value. As such, you are guaranteed the determined value is based on evidence and supported research conducted by an industry expert.

What is the role of a certified property valuer?

A certified property valuer is tasked with performing independent objective valuations across residential, commercial and industrial property types. As an expert within their local market, a certified property valuer is able to complete valuations for a number of specialised purposes, such as ensuring compliancy with government bodies or legal requirements.

Gaining their accreditation through the Australian Property Institute (API), a certified property valuer must have tertiary qualifications, and a minimum of two years industry experience. This means they will have both extensive education and hands-on experience ensuring high quality, professional standards and reliable valuations.

What are the benefits of using a certified property valuer?

Seeking out the services of a certified property valuer guarantees complete accuracy, professionalism and transparency with every report. This is because a certified property valuer is an industry educated and trained professional registered with the Australian Property Institute (API).

A certified property valuer provides a specialised service within the property industry to perform an independent valuation for clients without conflict of interest. As such, only a certified property valuer has the qualifications to undertake comprehensive due diligence and analysis of an extensive range of factors while adhering to governing legislation.

What is the difference between a bank valuation and a property valuation?

While a bank valuation and a property valuation both seek to determine the value of the subject property, they each have a very different purpose.

A bank valuation is sought out by the lender to determine the level of risk in approving a loan, and to ensure loan security.

Bank valuations tend to be more conservative because the lender has the agenda of minimising their risk should the loan be defaulted.

On the other hand, an independent property valuation aims to determine its market value based on the objective analysis of a variety of factors.

A certified property valuation is conducted by a qualified and experienced independent valuer with exclusive expertise in their local property market. This guarantees complete objectivity, transparency and a professional approach towards each property valuation without conflict or bias.

How do our property valuers calculate value?

The calculation of a property’s value is determined by the utilisation of three methodologies standardised by the Australian Property Institute (API):

  • Direct Comparison Methodology:

The property valuer will use this methodology to compare and analyse over 200 variables between the subject property and comparable properties in its local market. This is the most utilised methodology when calculating value.

  • The Summation Methodology:

This methodology is exclusively utilised by API certified property valuers. The property valuer will use this as an ancillary check to determine replacement cost value using the depreciation of improvements against the subject property’s land value.

  • Capitalisation of Net Income:

This methodology can be used as a supplement to the direct comparison and summation methodologies and is reserved for commercial properties. The property valuer will take the net rental income of the subject property and capitalise this rate using comparable sales to determine its value.

Our Valuations are compliant with

Sydney Federal Circuit Court
Australian Taxation Office
Australian Property Institute Standards
Sydney Family Court
NSW Strata Legislation
Department of Home Affairs
Supreme Court of New South Wales
Real Property Act 1900 (NSW)
Property NSW ACT 2006
Local Court of New South Wales
Valuation of Land Act 1916 (NSW)

Key Accomplishments

Our clients are assigned qualified Senior Independent Valuers for specialised valuations in residential properties averaging $7.5 million
Sydney Property Valuers Metro, known for our specialisation in valuations across residential, and commercial purposes.
We are commitment to client satisfaction through our high quality, professional service and exceeding all client property related requirements every time.
Completing Specialised Valuations in multipurpose commercial properties averaging $40 million
Qualified, Trusted Professionals! Sydney #1 independent valuations company

Client Testimonials

Super Happy!

I needed a property valuation to help me understand my tax obligation after selling my rental property. The team at Sydney Property Valuers Metro where indispensable. They made the whole process so easy! I highly recommend them to all my friends!

Property Valuers

by David Chadar

Very Professional!

I contacted Sydney Property Valuers Metro for a property valuation for a Family Law Court matter. They were quick and thorough. I had everything I needed right when I needed it. I would defiantly be using them again in the future.

Property Valuations

by Dorothy Samuels

Highly Recommend!

My husband I decided to change our house into my name. We used Sydney Property Valuers and they where able to give us all we needed for the Stamp Duty. I can’t recommend them enough!

Property Valuer

by Harriet Lautner

Great Service!

I required a pre-purchase valuation on a property I was interested in investing in. I wanted to make sure the asking price was accurate, I received a detail report from my valuer and was happy with the results I received, and it save me thousands when I put an offer in on the property. thank you again for all your help. Highly recommend!

Retail Property Valuation

by Keith Sandton

Saved Me a Fortune!

I was recommended to your company for capital gains tax purposes on my property, the valuer was experienced and professional, I received a report that has saved me time and money when it comes to my tax preparations. Will defiantly be using your services again!!

Certified Property Valuers

by Peter Dahil

Very Grateful!

I lost my father recently and I was appointted executor of his will, I spoke with the team in regards what valuation would be best to help distribute the assets of his property equally. I was recommened a probate valuation, they went above and beyond to help make this process easier. Thank you again for all your help and kindness!

Retrospective Property Valuation

by Wendy Patel

Great Results!

I used your company to help in my mortgage requirements for a property I am interested in purchasing. The report I received was detailed and helped me determine the financial standing I have also, what I still require for my loan. Thank you for helping me out. Look forward to working with you again.

Valuer House

by Kyle Benson

Amazing Service!

I just purchased my first home, I needed to know my stamp duty amount that I owed, the team has been my lifesaver during this process, I would highly recommedn their services. Thank you!

Property Valuer Australia

by Kerry Zhang

Saved Me Money!

I was interested in a new apartment, but was sure the rent price was way more than what the property was asking. I seeked out a rent review valuation and you guys were the first to come up, I contacted you straight away, the process was effortless and efficient, happy to say I was right and this has saved me in the long run. Thank you again for everything!!

Retrospective Property Valuers

by Amanada Bronlyn

Always Reliable!

I have been in the investment property market for years and everytime I require a valuation for either, pre-purchase/pre-sale, current market, or stamp duty, this is my go to company. They never seem to disappointment and I know I can rely on them for high quiality professional work. Thank you again!!

Industrial Property Valuation

by Andrew Davies

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Sydney Property Valuers Metro, I received a pre-sale property valuation on an investment property that I am interested in. The senior valuer that was assigned to help me was local to the area and was efficient with the inspection and took in all information I provided with regards to the pricing concerns. Happy with the results and proud to say that I am the new owner of a property. Will defiantly be using their services in the future. Thank you!

Adam Clarks – May 2021

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