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These things are vital to remember while buying a House

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So finally you are planning to buy a dream home. Buying the desired home is a rite of passage. Having a home means owning a place that truly belongs to you. Home gives you a sense of true ownership, freedom, and habitation.

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to be a homeowner but it is not that easy to find a dream and suitable home. Searching for a home can be a tough task. But thanks to the property valuers who are the industry experts and serves as a helping hand while finding a home. As the property valuers know the whole picture of property world.

It is advisable to take the second opinion and think twice before making any final decision related to the property. As buying a home not only demands huge money but also your mind and heart too.

Here are the things you should keep in mind while buying a home –

Know what you want – Buying home is a tough job and when you reveal your planning of buying a home in front of your family and friends they start giving you their opinions and sharing their experiences. No doubt you should listen to them but don’t be a drag by others opinion. Understand what you actually want. The pros and cons are associated with every home. Know your desires, need and want first. Be clear in that, after this hire a property valuer who is the real expert in the property industry. They know well about the current trend and market condition. The property valuers can give you several options present in the market which matches your requirement. Thus you can find your dream home easily with the help of property valuer.

Home size matters – How much big home you want? How many bedrooms and bathrooms you actually need? Because in the market for the residential purpose there are many types of homes are present – residential houses, townhouses, condominiums, single-family homes, multi-generational homes and more. Check your family size understand their requirement and then discuss with property valuer how big home you need. Remember it’s useless to buy a big home if you have few family members to live in. Bigger the home, higher the energy bills, higher the property tax bills, higher the maintenance cost and overall higher will be the property cost.

Uncover things through inspection – Inspect the home wisely and minutely before you buy it. Check the house before you reach any conclusion. Inspection may put the light on the issue or problem that needed to be fixed immediately. Might be current homeowner won’t disclose the cracks and damages in front of you. An issue like pipeline leakage, old electric wiring, sewage issue, roof leakage, foundation issue or many more. Your inspection can bring out such problems (If it has) before finalizing the deal. Because these renovations can cost you much, else you can ask the current owner to get it done for you.

Know your surrounding – Neighborhood plays a vital role in choosing the home. Take a walk around the home place you are planning to live in. See the nearby houses, know the standard of living of people and age of the people who live there and yes, know the crime rate of the area in the locality you are finding a home. After knowing all this if you are finding yourself comfortable in that place then only you should think to buy a home there.

Apart from this know your proximity to office and children’s school, know your budget and monthly mortgage installments and more.

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Know, how to find your final home?

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Finding a home is a tough task and when it comes to finding your dream home then it becomes a more daunting task. Because hunting a home which suits your requirement and budget is tough, so most of the buyers want to find a ‘forever home’ not the ‘next home’.The place where they can live for years and years, even research says for such homes people are ready to pay a high amount.

Discover a final home is like a ‘dream come true’. People are paying high values for securing such homes. Undoubtedly, people will look for features, comfort, and location first before finalizing the homes and ideally they should because they are finding the final home.

Here are some list of features that one should look in a forever home –

Location of home – The most suitable location is near the city area from where commuting, access to market and public transport is easy. Location from where schools and offices is near to family people.

The property which requires low maintenance – People should seek for the home which is newly constructed and home age is not high. As old homes required high maintenance cost. Where the availability of resources like water, sunlight, and electricity is sufficient.

Neighborhood and surrounding – Choose the place where crime rate is low. Safe and security comes first while choosing a home. Also, check the neighborhood and know about their behavior as you have to live with your neighbors. Choose them wisely. A bad neighbor can make your life typically tough.

Check it matches with your dream home – Understand what you actually want they find the home which matches to your dream. It is vital because this is gonna be your final home, think twice before you choose.

Choosing the first home single level townhouse is people’s preference. As it gives a sense of ownership where they have to maintain the interior of the house only. As the neighbors live together thus townhouse makes community secured and safe. Townhomes are often less expensive than a single family home. That’s the reason behind the people put more interest towards the townhomes while buying the ‘final home’.

Single family homes give more freedom to renovate, repaint the house as per your desire. As no other one is there to like tenant or neighbor to impose their desires on you. You are the true owner of your single family homes. If you want to have your own yard and garden space in front or backspace of your home then single family home is the best choice for you. And if you are fine to share the common yard and garden space then multi-family house and townhouses can be your option.

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How to choose your real estate property valuer

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You must have heard this several times – “Property valuation is must when you want to make a deal in real estate property”. For this, you need an expert and qualified property valuer to know the right value of your property. Whether you want to buy, sell, rent, mortgage you should take the suggestion from the property valuer first before finalising any deal in real estate. They are the experts and understand the market very well. But how to choose the best property valuer for real estate property valuation?

Here are some tips to choose the real estate property valuer for valuation services –

First make a research – Looking for a qualified property valuer professional you can search the best property valuer in the city and can get the various options. You can ask your friend, family member they must have known a trusted, honest and qualified professional property valuer who knows everything about the current market and economic status which affects the property value.

Your valuer should be registered – Choose the registered property valuer to check the person you are hiring for the valuation services is a registered valuer or not. Having a license is a must for the property valuer. As the valuation figures that are estimated by valuer is considered as the authentic and reliable and use by the government to resolve the legal matters too. Check the accreditation of the property valuer first.

Track their previous record – Know about the property valuer ask people who have had hired the property valuer earlier. Ask them about their experience to work with them. Check their work record. Clients testimonial, the background is sound or not before finalising the property valuer. Goodwill of the property valuer is must. Valuer’s honesty and trustworthiness is important. Make sure to choose the one who possesses all this.

Know their specialisation – Look not everyone is master of everything. Some possess specialisation in rental properties, some in new properties, some works well as seller valuer, some works well as buyer valuer, for some know more about commercial property some know more about residential property. So the specialisation of the valuer can vary as per their interest. Know what kind of valuation you want then look for the expert person of that field and then hire a property valuer.

Ask about their fees – Don’t think valuation service is free of cost. No this is the professional service offered by the valuer they charge their fees in against of their services. Look for the one which suits your pocket and paying the fee is affordable for you. As some charge as per the size and type of the property. Some valuation company charges as per the detailed valuation report required to the client. So ask before starting the work and do what suits you better.

These are the tips you should keep in mind before finalising the property valuer. Hire the one who knows well about your locality. It might be possible valuer doesn’t have much idea about all the locations in the city. And experience matters a lot in this profession. Hire the one who had worked on various projects and have great knowledge about the property valuations Sydney and related services.

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Know where home prices are moving up or falling fast in Australia

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Australia’s most expensive housing market, largest, and the busiest city, Sydney housing prices were up but now the tide is turning dwelling prices in Sydney are falling fast. As per the report, 5.6 percent median price has fallen in the past year in the Sydney.

On contrary the dwelling values are increasing in the other parts of the country i.e Hobart, house values are increased by 10.7 percent, which is noted as the best performing area till now. Some positive change in dwelling values has also been recorded in the areas of Adelaide, Brisbane, and Moreton Bay. But the maximum price fall is noticed in the areas of Sydney where the housing market is expensive. The declining trend showing this will continue to fall for some more years.

The places where property prices are increased located in the most affordable area in Australia.

Adelaide, Brisbane, and Moreton Bay are the places where buying a house is easier than to have a home in Sydney.

The property valuer Sydney says – “Generally the housing market weakness is directly affecting the premium sector of the market, Sydney.”

It has been recorded – “The 5.4 percent fall in housing values across the higher mark of the combined capitals over the year, whereas the broad middle of the market is down 0.5 percent over the past twelve months and the most inexpensive grade has recorded a 0.6 percent rise in values.

Over the past twelve months, the housing market trend towards weaker premium dwelling market conditions is indicating a bigger fall in Sydney and Melbourne. The most expensive property values are recorded falling by 8.1 percent in Sydney and 5.2 percent in Melbourne.
So dwelling prices at the top areas of the market i.e Sydney and Melbourne are falling faster In Australia than the national average, whereas the opposite trend is seen in the most affordable locations in the country.

Property valuer says the division between the two, shows light on different factors that are putting the great impact on home buyer’s demand.

“The cities like Sydney and Melbourne where values are high, property valuers are observing the dwelling prices are more than 8 times higher than median household incomes. Also, tighter credit or lending conditions for borrowers with a high debt-to-income ratio and slower growth in surrounding areas will likely to impact on demand more in Sydney and Melbourne over others.”

“The stronger market conditions across Australia’s more affordable areas like Adelaide, Brisbane is the major reason to a rise of first home buyers in the market as well as the credit policies focused on reducing exposure to high debt-to-income ratios.”

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Amazing tips to find a right home for you

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Buying a home is a dream. Having your own home is a bliss. But finding the right home is a tough and daunting task. As being the first homeowner you aren’t aware of the pros and cons associated with the particular type of the home. You get confused when exposed to different types of the home. Sometimes understanding own needs become difficult for the new home buyers. Though you can take the suggestion from the property valuer which one is best for you. But before this know what kind of home you actually want.

Home location is vital – Some people want to live near sea beaches where they can enjoy the serenity. Some want home in the city area, whereas some wants in outskirts. The home location matters a lot. All come with their pros and cons. It is up to you which would you like to have.

As home in suburbs or outskirts are less cheaper than the homes in the city area or at prime location. Allows you to live peacefully. Connectivity issues on having a home in such areas take more time to reach the town or city area.

The homes in urban areas are closer to commercial areas, shopping malls, city areas where markets are at walking distances. But these kinds of home are more expensive as they are available in the city area or at prime location. Homeowners of city homes have to face noise pollution which can make their lives miserable, and higher crime rates also affect their lives.

Home in busy streets are cheaper but it is quite a big challenge to live their peacefully as the noise level can disturb your lifestyle.

Home types are also important – There are many types of homes presented. Choose the one which is best for you.

Condominiums and townhomes are less expensive than single-family houses. Less repairs and maintenance required. The owner can adapt lock-n-go lifestyle easily. But the cons are condos provide less privacy, no balcony and private yard makes life miserable.

Single or multiple stories – Single home stories are easy to clean and good for patients. While the multiple home storey building allows every family member to live the life they want. More home corners allow people to live the life they want. But in single home storey living room television noise can interrupt the people in the bedroom. Whereas people with double or multiple storey homes need not face this kind of issues. Privacy is valued in multiple storey homes.

Number of rooms and bathrooms you want – Look for the home which possesses the desired number of rooms and bathrooms. This is something depends upon the number of family members. Understand your requirement first and then choose the one which suits you completely.

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A vendor should set right and realistic home price if they really want to sell

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The Property Valuers Sydney revealed the results of the research that – “Home seller have to understand the current market trend and changes in the property market.” Most of the home sellers have impractical desires to get the amount while selling their home.

The Sydney property valuer also added that – The people are setting high expectations while selling their homes these numbers are very high i.e 92 percent. The valuers said – “The vendors and sellers expectations are too high than the properties actual market value”.This is all even when the property prices in Sydney were falling from last one year.

But the expectations of the vendors and sellers were too unrealistic and high. Though some vendors are ready to adjust their prices and some wants the property valuers to evaluate and know the right market value of their property. Sydney property valuer disclosed – “39% of vendors are ready to sell their homes according to the valuation figures they would receive from the property valuers”.

The expert valuers revealed the reason -”With home the vendor usually associate their emotions to the high level, that the reason they start expecting high prices for the homes, The vendors should take emotions out and think practically by considering the market conditions and understanding the actual market value of the property, that is evaluated by the qualified property valuer”.

People think that real estate property value increases over time, but this is not the scene every time in every situation. The reason of high expectation of vendors while selling their home is their perception for the regarding the features their homes possess, which can appeal to and attract the mainstream market and potential buyers.

To get the right property value of your home, best is to get advice and property valuation services from the few professionals and experts property valuer from different sources and then compare. Getting valuation figures from the various valuers which open the minds and clear the doubts which vendors carry regarding their high property values.

The suggestion from expert valuer like Sydney property valuer is vital as they find the appropriate comparables and then estimate the right value of your property. The vendors without any valid comparable, they start comparing with their neighbors which are completely unrealistic and unfair. It is imperative to understand the comparable guidelines before declaring any property as a comparable. It is also important to understand the competition in the market and the factors which can influence the property buyers.

The property valuers also ask to suggest – The vendor should look the property objectively and understands the buyer’s point of purchasing and their feedback for the said property. Because the features which homeowner feels is special, might not be for the buyer. Thus the vendor should stay more realistic while putting the property on sale.

A vendor should understand that buyer are more smart and specific with their choices. So the best advice for vendors is to hire a property valuer Sydney and know the right value of your property first before putting the home on sale.