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Which one to consider location or property type while buying the real estate?

By Samantha Grant

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Investors invest their money in real estate in order to earn more money. Property valuers Sydney says – “There are certain elements to consider before investing money in real estate.” Real estate property investment business is not the easy one. The most difficult for investors and property buyers is – what to choose among location and property type? Location is where property is situated and property type is the type of property to choose.

Before all this property valuers Sydney suggests to find your purpose. Why you are buying the real estate? It can be you want your own home or it can be for an investment purpose. But the first and major step is to clear your purpose.

After deciding the purpose now come to the common question which creates difficulties in the mind of the property investors. Which one to choose – Property type or location of the property.

Well, here we are going to give you an overview of both options. There is nothing like a thumb rule to follow. So if you are new in real estate investment business then learn the facts about both the elements and then apply according to the situation and condition.

LOCATION – Property valuation sydney says – Location, location and location, this is the most common phrase which you have heard in real estate market. Yes, to be true, location of the property matters a lot. As location gives you amenities and facilities associated with that location.

Either it can be proximity to a school, office, city shopping centres, shopping malls, entertainment clubs, parks etc. Location gives you a chance to enjoy your surrounding facilities. Have a home near office not only reduces your commuting time but also reduces your expenses and thus you can find more me time and family time. It overall improves your lifestyle.

Same if you are having home near hospital or schools and you are having olds and children at your home then living at such location is good for you. Buy property at nice and prime location increases the value of the property by time.

One should choose the property’s location as per purpose. If you are buying a home for your own then you must choose the location as per your family needs. But if you are buying for an investment purpose then consider where infrastructure is going to improve in coming days. This helps you in making money by buying a property at right location.

The best thing is you can renovate your home in best location according your need and requirement but you can’t change the location so better to buy the home in good location rather than finding a good property in bad location.

Property type – When it comes to choose property type – there are many options you want to buy commercial building or residential building. If you want a residential building then what type of you want – flat, condominiums, townhouse, multi-generational homes etc.

Well, every property type owns its advantages and disadvantages. You must check and analyse what and which is fulfilling your purpose. Then buy the property accordingly.

For instance, if you are buying a Multi generational home then you have to invest more money in maintenance of the home but the returns on investment are definitely going to be high.

You can hire the property valuer sydney to know the actual market of the property before buying any type property, situated any where in sydney.