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A vendor should set right and realistic home price if they really want to sell

By Samantha Grant

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The Property Valuers Sydney revealed the results of the research that – “Home seller have to understand the current market trend and changes in the property market.” Most of the home sellers have impractical desires to get the amount while selling their home.

The Sydney property valuer also added that – The people are setting high expectations while selling their homes these numbers are very high i.e 92 percent. The valuers said – “The vendors and sellers expectations are too high than the properties actual market value”.This is all even when the property prices in Sydney were falling from last one year.

But the expectations of the vendors and sellers were too unrealistic and high. Though some vendors are ready to adjust their prices and some wants the property valuers to evaluate and know the right market value of their property. Sydney property valuer disclosed – “39% of vendors are ready to sell their homes according to the valuation figures they would receive from the property valuers”.

The expert valuers revealed the reason -”With home the vendor usually associate their emotions to the high level, that the reason they start expecting high prices for the homes, The vendors should take emotions out and think practically by considering the market conditions and understanding the actual market value of the property, that is evaluated by the qualified property valuer”.

People think that real estate property value increases over time, but this is not the scene every time in every situation. The reason of high expectation of vendors while selling their home is their perception for the regarding the features their homes possess, which can appeal to and attract the mainstream market and potential buyers.

To get the right property value of your home, best is to get advice and property valuation services from the few professionals and experts property valuer from different sources and then compare. Getting valuation figures from the various valuers which open the minds and clear the doubts which vendors carry regarding their high property values.

The suggestion from expert valuer like Sydney property valuer is vital as they find the appropriate comparables and then estimate the right value of your property. The vendors without any valid comparable, they start comparing with their neighbors which are completely unrealistic and unfair. It is imperative to understand the comparable guidelines before declaring any property as a comparable. It is also important to understand the competition in the market and the factors which can influence the property buyers.

The property valuers also ask to suggest – The vendor should look the property objectively and understands the buyer’s point of purchasing and their feedback for the said property. Because the features which homeowner feels is special, might not be for the buyer. Thus the vendor should stay more realistic while putting the property on sale.

A vendor should understand that buyer are more smart and specific with their choices. So the best advice for vendors is to hire a property valuer Sydney and know the right value of your property first before putting the home on sale.