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These things are vital to remember while buying a House

By Samantha Grant

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So finally you are planning to buy a dream home. Buying the desired home is a rite of passage. Having a home means owning a place that truly belongs to you. Home gives you a sense of true ownership, freedom, and habitation.

Undoubtedly, everyone wants to be a homeowner but it is not that easy to find a dream and suitable home. Searching for a home can be a tough task. But thanks to the property valuers who are the industry experts and serves as a helping hand while finding a home. As the property valuers know the whole picture of property world.

It is advisable to take the second opinion and think twice before making any final decision related to the property. As buying a home not only demands huge money but also your mind and heart too.

Here are the things you should keep in mind while buying a home –

Know what you want – Buying home is a tough job and when you reveal your planning of buying a home in front of your family and friends they start giving you their opinions and sharing their experiences. No doubt you should listen to them but don’t be a drag by others opinion. Understand what you actually want. The pros and cons are associated with every home. Know your desires, need and want first. Be clear in that, after this hire a property valuer who is the real expert in the property industry. They know well about the current trend and market condition. The property valuers can give you several options present in the market which matches your requirement. Thus you can find your dream home easily with the help of property valuer.

Home size matters – How much big home you want? How many bedrooms and bathrooms you actually need? Because in the market for the residential purpose there are many types of homes are present – residential houses, townhouses, condominiums, single-family homes, multi-generational homes and more. Check your family size understand their requirement and then discuss with property valuer how big home you need. Remember it’s useless to buy a big home if you have few family members to live in. Bigger the home, higher the energy bills, higher the property tax bills, higher the maintenance cost and overall higher will be the property cost.

Uncover things through inspection – Inspect the home wisely and minutely before you buy it. Check the house before you reach any conclusion. Inspection may put the light on the issue or problem that needed to be fixed immediately. Might be current homeowner won’t disclose the cracks and damages in front of you. An issue like pipeline leakage, old electric wiring, sewage issue, roof leakage, foundation issue or many more. Your inspection can bring out such problems (If it has) before finalizing the deal. Because these renovations can cost you much, else you can ask the current owner to get it done for you.

Know your surrounding – Neighborhood plays a vital role in choosing the home. Take a walk around the home place you are planning to live in. See the nearby houses, know the standard of living of people and age of the people who live there and yes, know the crime rate of the area in the locality you are finding a home. After knowing all this if you are finding yourself comfortable in that place then only you should think to buy a home there.

Apart from this know your proximity to office and children’s school, know your budget and monthly mortgage installments and more.

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