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Compensation Valuations

Compensation property valuations are required when an owner or entity is owed compensation for an encroachment onto their property or if a portion or whole property is to be acquired for any infrastructure or development projects.

In such cases, it is important that you seek professional advice from certified experts at Sydney Property Valuers to ensure your claim is fair and paid out to the full extent of the value of the area. We have extensive experience in completing compensation property valuations and have achieved great results for our clients, earning them more for both the inconvenience they face and more in payout for the devalue to their property.

We use a variety of approaches when valuing your property including the before and after property valuation approach or the pro-rata approach where we assign a rate per square metre.

We complete these reports in varying situations such as:

  • Expansion of roads and infrastructure;
  • If a builder has completed your property to below the agreed specs;
  • If a neighbour is encroaching on your boundary and is using your land; and
  • The effect of damages to your property and the devalue they have caused.

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