Deceased Estate/Probate Estates

Being a reputed and experienced property valuer in Sydney, we understand that when it comes to deceased estate valuations, there are many reasons for lot of heartburn and misunderstanding. Since the value of such properties involved could run into millions of dollars, there is all the more reason for us to be careful in our valuations.

The need for an independent and transparent valuation of such deceased estates is an absolute necessity. No one understands this better than us because of the simple reason that we have seen hundreds of such cases. Even in the most transparent and open cases, there have been situations where a number of questions have been raised.

The main reason why we are such a respect property valuer in Sydney of deceased estates is because:

  • We use the best of techniques and methods to ensure that the valuation is free and very accurate.
  • The valuation done by us will without any doubt establish a fair market value of such deceased properties.
  • Wherever there is an administrator of such deceased properties, as per law there is a need to value such properties on a periodical basis. These valuation reports have to be done by independent and reputed valuers and we certainly fit the bill very aptly.
  • These deceased estate valuations could be used for other purposes than sales of property and division of estates.
  • They are very useful in determining the tax liabilities on such deceased estate properties and here too we step in and offer our best services.
  • We have our main office in Sydney but we are equipped to handle such deceased estate property valuations for almost the entire length and breadth of the city.
  • We have hundreds of satisfied customers and many such deceased estate property transactions have been completed smoothly based on our valuations.

To get associated with us, you can call us on our telephonic helpline number and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can call us on (02) 8599 9840 and we will be happy to serve you with the best of what we have got. You can also fill the details mentioned in Contact Us page.