Stamp Duty Valuations

Whenever there is a transfer of property from one entity to another, there could be the need for having stamp duty valuations done. In the normal circumstances, the sale price at which a property has been finalized is the amount on which stamp duty is payable.

The state duty is revenue that is payable to the State Revenue based on the value of the property sold and the same should be mentioned on the sale agreement. We are a repute valuer based on out Sydney and have rich experience in the field of valuations.

There are different rules and norms applicable for stamp duty valuations and as ordinary customers you may not be able to grasp the complexities of the same. We can chip and offer our valuable services in such situations because:

  • We understand the various circumstances under which stamp duty valuation is necessary.
  • We also are aware that apart from property purchase and sale, there is also the need for valuation of superannuation funds when it is being transferred from one entity to another.
  • If there is even a change of ownership in sale agreements in such situations also our services would be required for valuation purposes.
  • When there is a sale transaction that is happening between relatives, the sale deed document is not enough for calculating stamp duty. The Office of the State Revenue in Sydney will insist on having a valuation done from a registered valuer.
  • We are not only registered and recognized with the local State Revenue Department but the fact that we are in this business for so many years, makes us very popular. There have never been instances where customers have faced problems with our stamp duty valuation certificates.

In view of our overall experience and expertise, it makes sense to be in touch with us for any stamp-duty valuation related matters.

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