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Rental Review Valuations

A rental review valuation is obtained to determine the correct rental value of any subject property in accordance with the current rental value. A rental review valuation can be beneficial for the tenant and the property owner. Having a rental review valuation will determine the properties true value at that particular time.

Ensuring that the tenant isn’t paying too much and the owner isn’t receiving less than they should be. The rental review valuation will reflect the true value of the property, compared with the local property market.

Our independent rental review valuations examine internal and external factors of any subject property to determine a value which reflects the local property market. These variables include:

  • Size and location of the property
  • The condition of the property
  • Any comparable Leases in the surrounding areas of the property

It is beneficial to have regular rental review valuations to ensure that the rental review value remains correct and reflective of the property market itself. Rental reviews are also regularly used when entering into negotiations between landlord and tenant.

An independent rental review property valuation will provide a detailed, clear and concise valuation report which states the correct value of the property at that particular time.

Why choose Sydney Property Valuers for rental review valuations?

Here at Sydney Property Valuers Metro we provide an outstanding level of customer service, providing our clients with tailored valuation reports to meet their individual requirements, whether for personal or formal usage.

All of our property valuers are registered with the Australian Property Institute (API) and produce property valuation reports which meet the criteria to be accepted by governing bodies. With over 20 years’ experience within the property industry, we are able to guarantee that our clients will receive a detailed, clear and concise valuation report which id completed in a timely manner.

If you require a rental review valuation, or would like to find out more information on how we can assist you, call our team of experts on (02) 8599 9840, and we will be happy to assist. Alternatively, complete one of our online enquiry forms and a member of the team will get back to you at our earliest convenience.