Rental Determination/Rental Reviews

Paying or receiving the correct amount of rent for a property is essential and must be monitored every few years to ensure there is no under or over valuing of the lease.

Sydney Property Valuers has been providing Rental Determination or Rental Review property valuation reports for years in the Sydney metropolitan area for thousands of both commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

An expert report from us that analyses the correct rent to be paid for a premise can be of great assistance to the negotiation of the lease and help to avoid the high cost of litigation if negotiations break down.

We act independently and with fairness, coupled with exceptional service quality and feedback avenues. Should the need arise, we can also present evidence in any litigation as an expert witness. We take into account various factors such as location, size, the condition of the building, the amenities and facilities available, as well as many other identifying factors.

We only allow senior property valuers to conduct rent reviews to ensure a high degree of accuracy. We are aware of property valuation firms sending our inexperienced and even unqualified property valuers. All our property valuers Sydney are registered by the Australian Property Institute (API), with our senior valuers having a minimum of 15 years’ experience, with the average being 20 years.

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