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Strata Building Replacement Cost

Strata properties must make sure their insurable value is up to date every few years and, to assess this, Sydney Property Valuers provide Strata Building Replacement Cost Assessment reports to ensure that you are insured for the correct amount.

These reports not only cover the value of replacing the building itself, but also the removal of debris, allowing for increase in CPI, professional fees, compliance with regulations, as well as all additional improvements on the property such as fencing, common property, gardens etc.

At Sydney Property Valuers, we cover all replacement cost property valuation work, from single or strata residential properties, to high rise commercial office buildings and large scale commercial or industrial properties and purpose-built properties such as medical centres.

For these valuations, it is important to talk to experts in this field, which, at Sydney Property Valuers, we have a specific team to assist in all things relating to Strata Building Replacement Cost Assessment property valuations. Whether it is for meeting statutory requirements of the Strata Titles Act, or for any other purpose, we are always at your service.

We encourage Body Corporates and Strata Managers to get up to date property valuation reports every few years to reduce the liability of underinsurance. Having said this, properties that are over insured are also at risk, not only from higher than normal premiums. We suggest contacting your insurer if you are concerned you are over or under insured.

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