Strata Building Replacement Cost

The legal requirements pertaining to Strata Titles Act quite complex and only companies and individuals having rich experience in this field will be able to understand and act upon it. The major requirement as per this act is to provide the authorities with replacement cost estimates for building or strata.

For all such requirements it is quite important to get in touch with professionals like us who have rich experience in providing such replacement costs. We have hundreds of such customers who continue to approach us on a regular basis for such requirements. The reasons for the same could be quite a few and the following few points would make it even more clear:

  • The building replacement costs that we offer to our customers are very accurate and they represent a fair value of the market prices.
  • We are a government registered valuer and this in itself adds a lot of comfort to our customers.
  • There are a number of aspects that we cover as far as these building replacements costs are concerned.
  • We offer estimates both for single building and strata buildings too.
  • We also offer such services for replacement costs of offices and commercial buildings.
  • We take care to ensure that these reports are given periodically to meet the statutory requirements that could keep changing every now and then.
  • We also help our customers to understand the importance of such estimates so that they can be prepared when it is actually needed.
  • Under insuring is a major problem with many customers which can be avoided whenever such regular estimations being done.
  • For the value that we provide to our customers the cost impact is very minimal to say the least.

Whether it is for meeting statutory requirements or for any other purpose, we are always at your service when it comes to the most complicated strata building replacement cost estimates.

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