Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Property Valuation

The decision to buy or sell a property can often be a tough decision to make, especially without expert advice to help you in your decision. What this all comes down to as well is the financial viability of the decision, that is the question of “is the right price going to be paid for the property”.

Sydney Property Valuers has provided expert advice to clients for a number of years, and we have a long list of satisfied customers that recommend our services. We ensure that our clients selling properties get the fair price for their properties, and that those looking to purchase do not over spend on their property without inflation from an agent.

Pre-sale and Pre-purchase property valuation reports ensure that both parties enter into negotiation based on trust and confidence, without bias.

We always encourage purchasers to enter into a contract for sale, subject to a property valuation. We have had instances where potential purchases have entered into a contract for sale and lost tens of thousands of dollars due to over paying for the property. For the sake of a fixed fee property valuation this situation could have been prevented.

Conversely, we always encourage vendors to instruct a property valuer to provide a certified property valuation prior to inviting real estate agents to conduct an appraisal. This is to ensure you always get the correct advice from the real estate agent, and it informs you straight away if an agent is overquoting you to get the listing.

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