Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Valuations

Making a decision to either buy or sell a property could often be a tough one indeed. While it may not be a big issue for those who are experienced in this field, for small time buyers and sellers it could certainly be a tough decision to make.

The most important thing that will always work on the minds of the people is the doubt that whether the right price is being paid for the property or not. From the sellers’ point of view, he or she would be bothered whether he or she is getting the right price for such property sales.

It is here that we come into play and offer our expert advice to our customers. We help them with the pre-purchase and pre-sale valuations. We ensure that as sellers you get the right price for the property and avoid underselling under any circumstances.

As far as the buyer is concerned, our main objective is to ensure that he or she gets the property at the right price and it is not being bought at an inflated prices.

Being in the field for the past many years, we know that such pre-sale and pre-purchase valuation certainly adds a lot of value. It gives both the parties a reasonably good idea about fair market price for such properties. Hence it:

  • Makes it easy for both parties to enter into a negotiation based on trust and confidence.
  • They can breathe easy because they have a valuation report from one of the best names in valuations as far as Sydney is concerned.
  • They can be certain that we use very transparent and correct methods to arrive at such valuation prices.
  • The fact that valuation reports are highly respected in the Revenue office is also another reason why they place their faith and confidence on us.

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