Capital Gains Tax Valuations

Do you or have you in the past owned an investment property and require a report for Capital Gains Tax?

Sydney Property Valuers can provide you with a sworn valuation to submit to the Australian Taxation Office for the calculation of your Capital Gains Tax. This is required when a property is an investment property, you have made capital improvements to your residence, or when a property moves from a deceased estate to the beneficiaries or to a superannuation fund.

Capital Gains Tax reports have a quick turnaround of 2 business days from inspection. If a property has been sold (retrospective valuation) or we cannot gain access, an external inspection will still be performed by the valuer and is accepted by the ATO’s standards.

If you have been requested by the ATO to submit a property valuation for your Capital Gains Tax calculation, please call us today on 8599 9840 or fill out an online enquiry form with your property’s details.