Current Fair Market Value

The need for fair market value of properties that is current is of extreme importance when it comes to buying and selling of properties. There are a number of reasons why these reports are required in the first place.

The list is quite big and the biggest challenge for customers is identifying quality valuers who are reliable and also are in a position to give such valuation reports within a particular period of time.

We are proud to state that we are a very reputed and well known valuer in Sydney and our business has grown from strength to strength because of various reasons. We offer the best of services, in very short period of time and at reasonable cost. We pay a lot of attention to details and hence all our valuation reports are accurate to the last digit.

Our current fair market valuation reports cover a wide spectrum of activities ranging from:

  • Family Law Court Valuations in Sydney.
  • Valuations pertaining to taxation related matters.
  • Valuations for determining rental reviews and rental determinations.
  • Asset Register valuations for companies and high net worth individuals.
  • Valuations for calculating capital gains tax.
  • Valuations for property settlements and other such complicated matters.
  • Valuations of properties for divorce and separation related issues.
  • We help banks and financial institutions and also individuals for their mortgage security valuations.
  • Valuation of superannuation funds especially when ownership is being transferred from one entity to another.
  • Back dated and retrospective valuations as per the relevant changes to such requirements set by the relevant statutory authorities.
  • Deceased estate valuations for various purposes including property transfer and for calculating tax amounts.

The list could go on and on. The best way to find out more about services is to pay a visit to our website which will certainly give you a better idea about our activities in this area.

One of our experienced property valuers are happy to discuss the property valuation you require in more detail. Contact the Office (02) 8599 9840 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

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