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How to choose your real estate property valuer

By Samantha Grant

Local and experienced valuers based in Sydney

You must have heard this several times – “Property valuation is must when you want to make a deal in real estate property”. For this, you need an expert and qualified property valuer to know the right value of your property. Whether you want to buy, sell, rent, mortgage you should take the suggestion from the property valuer first before finalising any deal in real estate. They are the experts and understand the market very well. But how to choose the best property valuer for real estate property valuation?

Here are some tips to choose the real estate property valuer for valuation services –

First make a research – Looking for a qualified property valuer professional you can search the best property valuer in the city and can get the various options. You can ask your friend, family member they must have known a trusted, honest and qualified professional property valuer who knows everything about the current market and economic status which affects the property value.

Your valuer should be registered – Choose the registered property valuer to check the person you are hiring for the valuation services is a registered valuer or not. Having a license is a must for the property valuer. As the valuation figures that are estimated by valuer is considered as the authentic and reliable and use by the government to resolve the legal matters too. Check the accreditation of the property valuer first.

Track their previous record – Know about the property valuer ask people who have had hired the property valuer earlier. Ask them about their experience to work with them. Check their work record. Clients testimonial, the background is sound or not before finalising the property valuer. Goodwill of the property valuer is must. Valuer’s honesty and trustworthiness is important. Make sure to choose the one who possesses all this.

Know their specialisation – Look not everyone is master of everything. Some possess specialisation in rental properties, some in new properties, some works well as seller valuer, some works well as buyer valuer, for some know more about commercial property some know more about residential property. So the specialisation of the valuer can vary as per their interest. Know what kind of valuation you want then look for the expert person of that field and then hire a property valuer.

Ask about their fees – Don’t think valuation service is free of cost. No this is the professional service offered by the valuer they charge their fees in against of their services. Look for the one which suits your pocket and paying the fee is affordable for you. As some charge as per the size and type of the property. Some valuation company charges as per the detailed valuation report required to the client. So ask before starting the work and do what suits you better.

These are the tips you should keep in mind before finalising the property valuer. Hire the one who knows well about your locality. It might be possible valuer doesn’t have much idea about all the locations in the city. And experience matters a lot in this profession. Hire the one who had worked on various projects and have great knowledge about the property valuations Sydney and related services.

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