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The process to evaluate the property value in Sydney

By Samantha Grant

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Determining the property value is not an easy task. The professionals like property valuers Sydney should be hired and paid for this. People see it as an expense but truly it is a smart investment. Overall you are getting something worthwhile and that you should aware of. Yes, knowing the actual value of your property is a boon. You must know the right market value of your property. It can help you in paying taxes, buying, selling, renting the property at the right price. So you can make the right deal and earn the profits.

The basic process of property valuation –

Property valuer Sydney uses various methods to evaluate the property value. The basic process is first they investigate the property minutely, collect the data related to the building or subject property or house which includes – Property type, size, location, information related to neighbourhood, amenities associated with it,

Information related to the renovation and improvement done in the property, age, and condition of the property, rooms and bathrooms available, building material quality and type of structure and design and more.

After collecting these pieces of information, then find the comparables and make some calculative analysis consider the local market condition and trend to find the value of the property or house. Which valid for three to six months.

There are various methods to determine the right market value of the house or property –

Kerbside valuation method – In this process, the property valuer will inspect the property or house from outside. No internal inspection of the property is involved in this method. Valuer gathers the data like information related to the surrounding development and find the comparable & note the environmental issues related to the property. Then finds the value through automated valuation model which is a computer generated assessment.

Desktop valuation – In this process property valuer will use the computer and collect the data and find the property value simply with the available information. The valuer will need not to move from the desktop all can be done by sitting in the office only.

Full valuation – Full property valuation will involve the complete inspection of the property, valuer collects all the data and observes the subject property very minutely. Which includes internal and external inspection. Also collects the pictures of the property. Property valuer will assess the size, location, neighbourhood, shape, topography, also checks the environmental impact on the subject property.

The valuer will measure the size of the land and building, check the number and type of rooms and bathrooms, the property age and condition, its design and layout, and any unique characteristics that could affect and add the value to the subject property.

They also study the market trend, condition, previous sales history and Calculate the land, property value and deduct the depreciation cost of the property, then evaluate the right market value of the property.

These are the methods used by the property valuer Sydney to find the accurate value of the property. If you are looking for the best property valuation services Sydney then feel free to contact us.

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