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Tips to make your Vacation rental property business successful

By Samantha Grant

Sydney property valuation experts

Customers or guests are the God for any business. Their satisfaction should be your utmost important thing. To run any business successfully you should focus on customer’s services. It should be up to the mark.

Make sure things are perfect when renting out your vacation rental property. Otherwise, your property business will turn down and you will have to face the vacancy issue. The most important thing is the client’s dissatisfaction will turn into negative feedbacks and negative word of mouth which leads to severe losses.

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1. Stay in contact with tenants – Either via mail, text or telephonic conversation stay in touch with your customers or tenants. It is the most important and essential to be a vacation rental property owner should do. If you personally can’t match up and do all these things you should hire a property management company they will do all these things from you from check-in, check-out of the guest to keeping the property clean and tidy, to resolve the short-term tenant’s issues to collect the payment all this will come under the property manager’s task and you can enjoy your ownership.

It is important to send them thanksgiving message when they book your property for the stay even after when they leave. Also, make sure when they arrive you or your property manager should be there to receive them and check all things are in good order or not.

2. Keep your property clean and tidy – The odd part of the short-term rental business is tenants come for short duration they come and go. Meanwhile and after the check-out of one tenant, you should ask your cleaner to clean the property thoroughly. Before check-in of another tenant, make sure beds are properly made and kitchen and bathrooms are cleaned properly. You can hire a cleaning company and make a deal with them. Then it’s their duty to deep clean every corner of the property. As no guest likes to have cobwebs in the corner and messed kitchen.

3. Check the electric appliances are working properly – People choose to stay in short-term rental property just because they want to live in a home-like place even in a strange city. Before they arrive, Check all the electric appliances like Air conditioner, heater, oven, Wi-Fi, Geysers etc. are in working condition. Always remember to have regular maintenance services thus would keep you away from critical issues when tenants arrive at your place. If in future any issue arises then say sorry and fix the issue as soon as possible. Call the professional to repair the electric devices.

4. Handle tenant complaints smartly – Look you want to run your vacation rental business successfully. So it is important to satisfy your clients thus they spread a positive word of mouth which makes your business big and property occupied. Though you always try to make everything perfect for your every tenant. But we all are imperfect in this imperfect world and mistakes happen, issues arise unexpectedly. In this kind of situation, you should make an apology in front of the tenants, except for your fault. Try to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Even you can waive some rental amount. If the issue is major you should help them in finding another place to stay and refund their previous payment.

These are the tips to make your vacation rental property business successful. For the best property valuations NSW, contact us.